Interior and exterior in harmony

This garden in Aerdenhout, designed by Studio REDD Exclusive Gardens, is wholly dedicated to family life. A lovely green garden that blends in with the wooded surroundings around a classic villa designed by Livingstone Villabouw.
The client had the wish for a veranda and swimming pool at the back of the house. This way they can enjoy the outdoor life with the family to the fullest. The generously designed terrace of Belgian bluestone continues into the house. This connects the interior with the exterior. Within the pattern of the tiles are several borders and the pool of Compass Pools placed.
The existing trees have been preserved as much as possible and immediately give the garden a sophisticated look. The large lawn around the house provides tranquillity and connects the green environment with the house. Around the plot, a border has been designed with alternating planting of ornamental grasses, perennials and an evergreen frame. As a result, there is something to do throughout the year in both green and flowering colour.
The front garden gives a soothing view and places the house on a pedestal. The stately entrance gate has been custom designed together with the client.