Primary school the Ark

Creating a schoolyard is a lot of fun! That’s what we wanted to do at primary school De Ark in Vlaardingen. Schoolyards are often only paved and with a bit of luck, a playground will be added. Of course, this can be done much better, and we would like to show you how we did it!
We have chosen a place where children can discover, clamber and crawl. In addition, there are herbal plants and fruit trees in this schoolyard. Very fun and educational for the children to be involved with. We have also chosen to place shrubs that attract butterflies. This is how the ‘schoolyard’ really starts to live. Further on in the garden is a sandpit with all amenities and a small water ornament placed on the square.
We think this is the best way to make a schoolyard stand out. Children don’t have to be bored for a moment and there is plenty of nature to be found during the break. We don’t really think this is a schoolyard, but a school garden!