DON Educations

DON Educations (Opleidingen) is an all-in-one training institute for (driving) education and professional training. Training courses are carried out with the most modern facilities. The driving school has a beautiful, visible location in Naaldwijk and DON Hoveniers has therefore opted to create a beautiful business garden. DON has a beautiful sight location. For this reason, alone, a business garden is significant for its image. Thousands of people drive past their premises every day. Many companies pay a lot of attention to the appearance of the building and the interior. The construction of a business garden sometimes goes a long way. However, DON has also chosen to pay a lot of attention to the business garden, which is now a place for staff and visitors to take a breather or eat a sandwich. The outdoor area has also been set up to give outdoor lessons”. Garden architecture “Green is important. It makes and breaks the atmosphere around the whole building. The garden also shows that DON is a well-kept company. The garden was designed by a garden architect. It has been well-thought-out and a whole plan has been made. For example, DON also chose to plant three beautiful birches at the entrance. A fantastic eye-catcher. The outside area is at the same high level as inside. Every company should see it as a duty to its staff and customers that it is an extension of your image. “