Luxcom garden products

A sleek eye-catcher in the garden is what many people want. Luxcom specializes in the manufacture of prefab garden products such as walls, furniture, water elements and even canopies. The combination of lots of green and a tightly plastered product gives a garden allure.
A wall that looks like traditional stucco, but has all the advantages of a polyester worn material. For years Luxcom developed a glass fibre reinforced polymer composite with a natural look. This created a product with many unique aspects:

• Very strong
• Lightweight
• Shape-free (up to lengths of 24 metres, both straight and curved)
• Completely maintenance-free (Clean only)
• 100% Weatherproof
• Custom is the standard, Nothing is too crazy!

The combination of these aspects ensures a very high-quality product and you will enjoy your garden even more! For more information go to www.luxcom.nl