Garden landscaping

After the design of your dream garden follows the phase in which we proceed to the garden landscaping. In our approach, relieving our customers of their worries is of paramount importance. Building a garden involves a lot of work, and we are happy to take the worries off their hands. We are a landscaping company that has a lot of experience in landscaping gardens. In addition, we can switch quickly, and late changes are always possible!
At DON Hoveniers, the construction of your garden is always in the hands of regular teams who create new gardens or renovate existing ones. In this way, you are assured of specialists with know-how. During construction, you will have a single point of contact. When your garden is ready, delivery will follow. We put the last possible finishing touches and possibly agree on a maintenance plan.


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Complete renovation plan

After a long period of time, a garden could use a facelift. Paving can either skew or you just need something new. Garden renovation is one of our specialities. We do this with from a practical perspective because your garden remains your garden. The difference will be noticeable, so you will have the idea that a new garden has been laid out.