About DON Hoveniers

DON Hoveniers is originated from the Westland region, but clients throughout the country know where to find us. For example, we have carried out projects in Kerkrade, on Texel, in Belgium and even in Switzerland. Unlimited gardening with DON Hoveniers.
For more than forty-five years we have been using our knowledge and love of the trade to create beautiful gardens for private individuals and business relations. Every day, our permanent team of gardeners sets to work designing, constructing, renovating and maintaining gardens. Where external specialists are needed, we have our own network of reliable suppliers. In doing so, we work with the very best materials, so that your garden will still look perfect years later.


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DON Hoveniers is one of the oldest landscaping companies in Westland. The foundation of the company was laid by horticulturist René Don. He has the honour to have slowly but surely expanded the company. With his very own vision on entrepreneurship, he managed to make the company known as a leading landscaper. A horticulturist with an innovative attitude, who stands for reliability and quality. When René Don says goodbye in 2010, the continuity of the company will be assured. Martijn Poortvliet, until then René Don’s right-hand man, takes up the challenge to continue the company. In the same inspiring way as his predecessor. For that reason, Martijn also decides to keep the name of the company almost unchanged. From René Don Garden Ideas it will become René Don Hoveniers in 2014. Five years later it is time for another change. In 2019 we partly say goodbye to the name René Don Hoveniers. We will retain most of it, because the name is in our DNA. The name we will be listening to DON Hoveniers from now on.


At DON Hoveniers we like personal contact. It is therefore important to us that you get to know our people. That is why we would like to introduce everyone working at DON Hoveniers to you!

Martijn - DON Hoveniers

Martijn Poortvliet

During my training as a gardener in Rijswijk, I found a nice internship at DON Hoveniers. I enjoyed working there, not knowing that this was the beginning of something stunning. I learned everything from the horticultural profession; from construction to maintenance and everything in between. When I was 25 years old, I came to work in the office and focused more and more on selling gardens. It was great fun to talk to clients about designing their dream garden.

On 1 January 2010 came the moment for the next big step: I got the chance to take over DON Hoveniers and I reached for it with both hands. A great challenge! We moved to a new building and only took nine staff members, the buses and some tools with us. In short, everything had to be rebuilt. Simultaneously, of course, the work continued. Our workforce grew from 9 to 22 employees, the fleet expanded, new projects were added continuously, and we started new collaborations. So, I am truly proud. Proud of what we have achieved together. Proud of the beautiful projects. Of the nice customers. On the high level of automation. But above all proud of the surrounding people. A close team that is there for each other in good times and bad.

Olivier - DON Hoveniers

Olivier ten Bosch

Colours and shapes have always fascinated me. In art, in architecture and in the garden. Because nowhere else you will find so many special contrasts as in nature. As a garden architect, I use that inspiration when designing gardens. After studying Garden and Landscape Architecture, I worked for various gardeners. That's how I got to know all facets of gardening; from garden design to landscaping.I started at DON Hoveniers in 2015. By now I have been designing gardens full of experience, contrasts and atmosphere with great pleasure for many years. Gardens in which our customers feel completely at home. Every time, it gives me so much energy to work with clients towards their dream garden. I like to turn every garden into a beautiful work of art.

Bart - DON Hoveniers

Bart van der Burg

Green fingers? I've always had them. I love being surrounded by plants. Then how much fun it is when you can turn your hobby into your work! In 2000, I joined DON Hoveniers as an intern and joined the construction and maintenance teams. I liked it so much that it wasn't just an internship. Soon I entered the workforce and got to know all the tricks of the horticultural business.By now, I've been working for several years with customers who want to create a new garden. How do they see their dream garden? What wishes do they have? It's great fun to work together on their ideal garden. I also enjoy leading our maintenance teams. They specialise in the proper care of plants during all seasons and are happy to unburden the customers. Taking care of people, advising them and making them happy with a beautiful garden, that's great. Every day again!

Jamie - DON Hoveniers

Jamie Looy

I started in September 2017 at DON Hoveniers as an intern. I studied Small Business & Retail Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. From then on, I set up and carried out the entire marketing for the company. I liked the internship so much that I stayed at DON Hoveniers to do my graduation research. This was successful and I graduated in June 2018. I immediately started working as a freelancer and I still enjoy doing this with DON Hoveniers as a marketer, among others.

Angelo - DON Hoveniers

Angelo Schouten

After an internship when I was 17, I knew: the landscaping profession suits me perfectly. It's great to work outside. But later on, I went on a field experiment to an earthwork company. I soon found out that this work wasn't for me.So, what did I miss? The customer's contact. Creating beautiful things. Making people happy with something beautiful. That's why I decided to return to the gardening profession and joined DON Hoveniers at the end of 2017. A top company that always strives for perfection and has attention to the smallest details. So, I am totally in my element here! So, I am totally in my element here! Every project is fun to do, but creating a large garden gives me the real thrill. When it's finished and I look at the landscaped garden, I'm always very proud that we know how to create such beautiful things with our team!

Sander - DON Hoveniers

Sander van der Boor

As the son of a gardener, the love of gardening has been poured into me. I saw how my dad created and maintained beautiful gardens. That's what I wanted as well. Now I enjoy working as a maintenance gardener at DON Hoveniers, every day. Many of our clients opt for a maintenance contract. A few times a year we come by to make the garden tidy again. You see how the garden is developing and how the young plants we have planted gradually blossom into a beautiful green and flowering whole.The nice thing about this job is that you're never out of practice. There is so much to learn and discover. I recently got my papers for tree climbing to prune and care for trees safely and responsibly. This way you keep increasing your knowledge.

Dennis - DON Hoveniers

Dennis Rogl

As a maintenance gardener, I can really enjoy a garden that is neat and tidy again. A neatly cut lawn, a perfectly pruned hedge, wonderful! Our regular maintenance teams each have their clientele. This allows us to get to know our customers well and to know exactly how they would like it. This is how you build a bond.The happy faces and appreciation after the maintenance work is done, that's what makes me happy! Besides, I love working outside all day long. I really have a passion for green. I don't have a garden so it's great to be able to work between the greenery every day. And is the working week over? Then we always finish it off with a drink. There is so much to learn and discover. I recently got my papers for tree climbing to prune and care for trees safely and responsibly. This way you keep increasing your knowledge.

Ross - DON Hoveniers

Ross Verwey

The diversity of my job is what I like most. As a landscaper, I visit so many places and see so many beautiful houses and gardens. Some projects are extra special. For example, we were allowed to lay out the garden of a famous football player. It has become a beautiful garden, including a real football field! But no matter how beautiful the projects are, the most beautiful thing about this work is the customer's appreciation- it gives you so much satisfaction. That gives satisfaction. Moreover, the contact with the colleagues is top-notch, it is a very close team. Yes, it's great to work at DON Hoveniers.

Marco - DON Hoveniers

Marco van Loenen

After years of working as a road worker, it was time for something new. My eye fell on the vacancy for landscape architecture at DON Hoveniers and I decided to go for it. After crossing the threshold, I immediately had a good feeling about the company. I was warmly welcomed and impressed by the professional appearance and the attractive showroom where the most beautiful materials can be seen. I was happy to start working for this beautiful company on 1 October 2018. Every day I work in an enthusiastic team, with the best materials, in varied projects. What more could you ask for!

Georgo - DON Hoveniers

Georgo Valkenburgh

After years of working as a qualified road worke, the work no longer gave me satisfaction. I wanted something else. A former colleague of mine already worked at DON Hoveniers “How do you like life as a gardener?” I asked him. He answered that the work as a gardener is extremely enjoyable and versatile. “And they're still looking for people...”, he added. His enthusiasm ensured that I made the switch to the gardening profession and started working for DON Hoveniers. And he was certainly right. The work is a lot of fun! You visit the most beautiful places and meet many different people. As a landscaper, you really get credit for your work when you see how happy the client is with a garden that is beautiful and well looked after again. What's more, the DON Hoveniers team is a lot of fun. Everyone helps each other and is there for each other. I am glad that I chose this beautiful profession!

Samy - DON Hoveniers

Samy Bax

Experience in landscaping? No, I didn't have any when I started at DON Hoveniers last May. Yet I took the step to work in the field of gardening. That was quite exciting! But with helpful colleagues around me, I learn more every day. I'm already looking forward to the day when I'll be able to master all the work and carry it out myself. Fortunately, that is only a matter of time. Every day I enjoy going to work. The best thing about this job? That you get a real appreciation for your work. Appreciation from a satisfied customer who is happy with a beautiful garden. But also the appreciation from your colleagues after a hard day's work. Because at DON Hoveniers, you're not a number, but part of a close fun team where everybody is at each other's disposal.

Beatrice - DON Hoveniers

Beatrice Toresten

Hey! Jag hotter Beatrice. I'm from Sweden and have been working at Don Hoveniers since the end of 2019. In Sweden, I have always worked as a garden architect. My work consisted of maintaining large parks and forests. When I met my husband, I moved to the Netherlands. I thought about what I wanted to do here. I quickly found out: I wanted more contact with clients. The landscaping profession was a logical choice for me. I jumped behind my computer, typed in 'hoveniers' on Google and the first name to appear at the top of the search results was Don Hoveniers! After an initial conversation, I immediately had a good feeling about this company. I'm having a great time here. Where in Sweden I was mainly busy with maintenance, I now layout the gardens myself with my colleagues. So, my work has become much more creative. I see a big difference between the gardens in Sweden and the Netherlands. Sweden is very woody and that woody atmosphere is reflected in the gardens. The gardens are more a part of nature. In the Netherlands, the garden is often an extension of the house, and they are often tightly designed. I can already understand Dutch reasonably well but speaking it is still difficult. That grammar...! But fortunately, I have very patient and nice colleagues. On Saturdays, I follow a Dutch course, so I get the hang of the language more and more!

Roy - DON Hoveniers

Roy van der Wel

I was self-employed in landscaping until I came into contact with Martijn Poortvliet of Don Hoveniers. They were still looking for new people. Being self-employed is nice but joining Don Hoveniers offered me so many opportunities. I decided to go for it and that turned out to be a very good decision. I can develop myself even further, I work with the best materials, there are plenty of courses to follow, and I am allowed to work in the most beautiful gardens. Moreover, the team is very sociable. At the moment I am busy with garden maintenance. I work in the maintenance team and I am following a course in planting. It is nice when the garden is tidy again after we have finished the maintenance. Weeds weeded, plants are pruned and the lawn has been mowed. We sometimes say:" The garden is polished again". I can recommend this job to everyone. Don't you know what you want yet? Think about gardening. It's so versatile, you are outdoors all year round and people are happy when you leave after re-gardening. What more do you want!

Storm - DON Hoveniers

Storm van Spaandonck

Sit still? That’s really not for me! I prefer to be active all day, busy. Early in the morning I quickly wake up and I want to get started. I once had an office job, but the days crept by. Now that I work at Don Hoveniers, the working day quickly changes. Not only because of the nice work, but also because of all the pleasant, cheerful colleagues around me. It’s a really nice team. I can be used everywhere, in both the maintenance and landscaping of gardens. I certainly don’t have two left hands. I learn quickly and I quickly master new work. Don Hoveniers is a top company where everything is well organized. A company for which I get to work full of energy every day!

Dave - DON Hoveniers


Before the corona crisis started, I took care of the construction and dismantling of steel structures, stages and stands for large festivals, events and concerts. Such as Mysteryland, Pinkpop, the European Football Championship and the Eurovision Song Contest. But then corona came into play and all my activities were lost in one fell swoop. Events were canceled, festivals and fairs canceled. What now? I came into contact with DON Hoveniers through social media. The landscaping profession, a completely different branch of sport. But there was an immediate click and I decided to take on the new challenge. I now enjoy working at DON Hoveniers and take care of the construction of gardens throughout the Netherlands. I used to work at a great height in a rig on steel structures, now I work with both feet on the ground on beautiful gardens. A big difference! But it is so much fun to learn a whole new trade and work in a completely different industry. Moreover, I have a super nice team around me. The corona crisis has of course brought a lot of misery, but it has also brought me here. At this great company with a great team.

On-call workers

Julien - DON Hoveniers
Yves - DON Hoveniers
Noah - DON Hoveniers